more than a wallpaper manufacturer ...

At Muraspec, we believe that wallpaper is not only a finishing material. It is a unique style and character of each interior. Therefore, as a manufacturer of premium wallpapers, we try to offer our customers not only the highest quality in terms of materials, but above all stylish and modern design that allows you to create unique spaces - both public and private.

The Muraspec brand is a manufacturer of commercial wallpapers with a wide range of applications - in particular, office, hotel and industrial wallpapers. We are also recognized as a producer of high-quality vinyl wallpapers for commercial and private applications. We also offer luxurious Fardis wall coverings, but wallpapers are just one of the many ways to finish the walls. That is why our assortment includes solutions such as dry-wipe paints and wallpapers, unique wall prints, acoustic panels and wallpapers as well as modern wall panels that can act as partition walls in commercial spaces.

As a conscious producer of object wallpapers, the Muraspec brand constantly follows the latest interior trends, offering wall coverings and other finishing materials in the most fashionable patterns and colors.